That said, some company cultures are more conservative, and it might not be the right move to share your passion for brewing craft beer. Showing off your personality in your resume for a remote worker is good. Unless you’re a recent graduate, you probably want to leave out short-term work experiences that lasted only a few months. Stick with a clean but attractive format that’s easily skimmable. Now we’ve gotten to the meat of your resume. If you’re concerned that your year of graduation could harm your chances, feel free to leave it off. I’ll write or rewrite your résumé/CV and cover letter with a remote nursing position in mind. You’ve got to keep yourself on track. Since this section is at the top of your resume, hiring managers will know you can work remotely right away. Last week, at one of our online events, we reviewed how to create a resume for remote jobs, and took time to peer-review everyones resume. (Or as I recently learned, restaurants seat their most attractive customers at the front tables? Here is an example to consider: Blue Mountain AgencyRemote WorkOctober 2017 - January 2020. This is still a good rule of thumb to follow, unless you have a particularly long list of achievements and certifications. You might also check out people’s profiles on LinkedIn to see what language they use. After several years in the workforce, bring your most relevant job history to the forefront instead. But today’s resume tips suggest a summary of accomplishments instead. Seeing what others have done could spark ideas for your own resume, as well as give you a sense of the best language to use when applying to a position. Self-starter experience goes a long way in an interview. Remember that a resume is what will sell you as a good candidate for a remote work position. Remote Software Engineer Job Seeking Tips. Technology is continuously growing. Read up on the company a bit, and use your best judgment about whether it’d be worthwhile to include a personal interest section on your resume or not. By the way, classic resume tips say to stick to one page. The ability to work remotely is a unique skill that many employers seek in an employee if they have work-from-home positions available. Plus, short-term experiences might be insufficient as a true reflection of your performance as an employee. Also, you need to review the job description and use only your relevant work history and skills on your resume. But rather than describing your responsibilities, highlight your accomplishments in each role. So present your best self right at the beginning to impress your reader. Create an additional section for your remote work experience. Covid has changed hiring, and existing solutions haven’t kept up. by Andrew Fennell | August 12, 2020 . Remember that every job you apply for needs a tailored resume. How to List Remote Work on Your Resume Think like an employer. If your descriptions are starting to sound cliche, try to come up with new words to freshen them up. Work-from-home jobs greatly differ from traditional positions. Remote Jobs are the Future. Share. You could include relevant telecommuting technologies as a starting point, or add “remote” to the bullet point. While remote employment has been on the rise in 2020, most jobs are still designed for on-site employees.As a result, most resumes and job applications tend to be for those types of in-house positions. While your resume is an important part of your job application, it will get lonely without the accompaniment of a well-crafted cover letter. It is important to be extremely clear that you are looking for a remote work opportunity. You definitely want to avoid that sinking feeling of sending off your resume only to find a typo afterward (especially if you’d described yourself as detail-oriented). While the latter practice is somewhat disturbing, showcasing your most impressive skills and experiences on the top half of your resume could be a good sales tactic. It’s all about connecting the dots for the employer and helping them see how your current skill set is the right skill set for their remote role. Include your remote work experience in your resume summary. He believes in the importance of a great resume and the power of coffee. But you might include some key words and phrases from the job description. So be sure to mention in your resume how you have used these qualities in your previous jobs, either remote or within the four walls of the office. Once you’ve finished crafting your fabulous resume, make sure to put that same level of attention into writing an impressive cover letter.