Bolt tongs, reverse (spreader) tongs and welding tongs. Since there are so many different shapes to be made with a forging, it is important to note that there is also a variety of tools available to aid in creating those shapes. A wide variety of types of blacksmith tongs options are available to you, The part beyond the joint is known as the jaws or the bits of the tongs, which are the parts of the tongs that actually perform the grasping or gripping action and are in direct contact with the metal workpiece and the forge. The 18 inches V-bit tongs and 16 inches wolf jaw tongs allow you to handle most of the standard stocks. I love the tongs. Pickup tongs are great for picking up hot metals safely and steadily. A set of bolt tongs or box jaw tongs. Absolutely superb. If the stock width is too narrow or too wide, it may not provide the desired snug fit of the blade within the jaws. My favorite all around tongs now! Pickup tongs are similar to bent knee tongs in the sense that they also serve as a tool to pick up workpieces, as their name suggests. However, some of the most commonly and most-frequently-used tools are: Forge; Anvil; Hammer; Chisel; Tongs; Punch; Hardy; Cone Mandrel The mandrel tongs hold hot steel that has small details on the ends with out interference and the flat jaw tongs to grip flat and bar stock. EZ Tongs Demo by Sean Connor. Bansal's Wiki: Forging Tools & Equipment Best Types Of Blacksmith & Forging Tongs 2020 (Pros & Cons Picard P720 Blacksmithing Complete Set Of 500 Series Tongs Image Result For Forging Tongs. The v-bits can form a strong grip around the blade of the knife while the blacksmith shapes it. Although certain types of tongs have advantages over others, you can, in most cases, still make a single type suitable for almost any job with some mortification and practice! It's forged from c45 steel and the peen and face is tempered and ready to work forging hot steel. This kit includes a pair of wolf jaw tongs, and v-bit (bolt jaw) tongs. Wolf jaw tongs are very popular among blacksmiths and make great beginner tongs for multi-purpose application. The size and weight of tongs should also be within your skill limits, but unlike the length, it’s actually quite difficult to recommend an ideal weight, as everyone is different and some prefer a lighter touch and others a heavier grip. Duck bill tongs have a very descriptive name. event : evt, Wolf jaw tongs are very popular among blacksmiths and make great beginner tongs for multi-purpose application. Types of tongs with the "universal" in the name generally indicate MORE versatility. However, it is important to keep in mind that the longer the tongs are, the heavier they weigh. You could even opt for a DIY blacksmith tong kit, which include pre-made parts which simply need some assembly for a range of popular tong styles. USA Cast Master Elite Portable Double Burner Propane Forge Blacksmith Farrier Caster Deluxe KIT Jewelry... Blacksmithing Classes in Indiana 2020 [Updated], Blacksmithing Classes in Illinois 2020 [Updated], Glassblowing Classes in Colorado 2021 [Updated], Blacksmithing Classes in Georgia 2021 [Updated], Blacksmithing Classes in Florida 2021 [Updated]. Blacksmith tongs can be constructed out of mild steel or spring steel. blank (sml/med-8mm 6mm rivet) p/up $35.00 pr laser blank (sml/med-8mm, 8mm rivet) bolt $40.00 pr Throw in another $15 and ill chamfer the edges, heat to offset the reins, shape the jaw to basic config and rivet, & arc the rein ends. This wonderful blacksmith tool comes with unique bundles of different kinds that can handle the various task in the workshop. It’s the iconic instrument of the craft, and we always envision blacksmiths wielding a hammer over an anvil. The main purpose of hammer tongs is to forge hammer heads. Cross Peen (Pein) Hammer. The ability to grasp objects of different shapes and sizes largely increases the functionality of the tongs, making them a sort of universal tong type. If you are just starting out as a beginner blacksmith, it may be more useful to purchase tongs that can accomplish a variety of projects in which you are interested, such as V-bit or wolf jaw tongs. on: function(evt, cb) { Our Most Versatile Tongs - Universal Wolf's Jaw style tongs are great for securely gripping a... Used By Beginners And Professionals - An essential tool for your forge whether you're a beginner... Lightweight Control and Balance - 16 inches (400mm) long and weighs approximately 1.5lbs (.68kg). We have recently developed a tong-making class for blacksmithing students who’ve taken our Blacksmithing I and II classes. 3 Ways to Make Tongs Bill Epps Demo illustrated by Andrew Hooper. There is a logical tradeoff based on the length of tongs. They have flat, rectangular bits that are best suited for a flat workpiece. There are a number of different types of blacksmiths' tongs, each used for something different: Flat jaw tongs have flat, rectangular grabbing points and are used to grip flat pieces of metal. callback: cb In this video, I show you four types of beginner blacksmithing tongs. })(); Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Contact | About. The truth is, blacksmiths rely on many different hammers, for different purposes, and every blacksmith has a range of hammers for the job at hand. Although the end of the bits may be parallel with the rest of the tong in the closed position, each bit has curved sides that create a hollow v-shape on both sides when looking at their cross section. View ... AT THE MOMENT WE HAVE A PORTFOLIO OF MORE THAN 2000 DIFFERENT TYPES. Since this type of tongs is so versatile it is also a great starter pair for beginners wanting to expand their blacksmith tool arsenal. Lsr blk (med/lge 10mm, 30mm hinge, 10mm rivet) $45. Designed for the craftsman bladesmith artist blacksmith for fabrication and artistic design forging. Oct 4, 2018 - Explore John Abel's board "plans for blacksmithing tongs" on Pinterest. Driller's round tongs, blacksmith's tongs or crucible tongs are of this type. BLACKSMITHS TONG £ 51.31. It all depends on the job. Rivet tongs have bits that are curved inward to form the shape of a circle when they are close together. A taper is another basic technique used in blacksmithing. Tongs are different and I’m going to tell you about the most convenient one. Here are some of the most common hammers used in blacksmithing, and what they are used for. Z-jaw, or Z Offset tongs have a distinct z-shaped bit that makes it a great choice for knifemaking. The purpose of these tongs is to allow a blacksmith to easily pick up a flat workpiece from a lower height. (function() { Oftentimes, blacksmiths tend to custom-make tongs for a specific metalworking project or modify tongs that they already have to fit their individual needs. GS Blacksmith Tongs. Perfect for forging knife blades, 14" long reins with ball ends secure rivet joint 17.25" OAL, Typically need more than one jaw width depending on the project, Can pick up different shapes and sizes of stock, Can easily grab stock from the forge floor, Can hold hammer head in a way that it can be rotated on its axis, Squeezing reins opens the tongs, not an intuitive design. Not exactly the most multi-purpose tongs around, but still useful to have on hand and readily malleable into other designs with experience. Tapering. They are easily the most commonly used hammer by blacksmiths … Advanced Tongs: Various methods for forging tongs with tips and techniques to make reliable and functional tongs. Primitive tongs that make a good first project for kids or the Boy Scout Merit Badge. Having the right tool at the right time is essential for your success. Can grip stocks of different shapes and sizes, Great starter tongs for beginning blacksmiths, ✔️FORGED STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Our tongs are built to last. { These tongs are also great for holding chiseling tools up to a workpiece. In addition to the variety of tong jaws, tongs in general can come in many different lengths. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In this video, I show you four types of beginner blacksmithing tongs. Black Smith Starter Kit-Hammer, Tongs, and Book. Along with the v-bit tong, they are an incredibly popular type of tong, and for good reason. BetterForge 18 inch Bolt Tongs with V-Bit Jaws for Blacksmiths and Farriers - Superior Blacksmith Tongs... BetterForge 17" Z-Type Offset Blacksmith Tongs for Knife Making, Blacksmith Duckbill forge tongs artist fine detail ironworking toold, 3/4" x 3/8" Box Jaw Tong Blacksmith Knife making Bladesmith forge tongs ironwork tools, List of Mythical Blacksmiths from Myth, Legend & Folklore, Famous Blacksmiths & Bladesmiths In History (Past & Present). Flat jaw tongs, or flat nosed tongs, are used when working with flat metal pieces. 3/4" x 3/8" Box Jaw securely hold material. The ends of hammer tong bits generally curve inward to form a closed loop, but there are hammer tongs whose bits curve outward at the ends in order to fit them through the hole at the central axis of the hammer head. Types of Blacksmithing Tongs & Forging Tongs For Beginners & Experts (Pros & Cons), 1) V-bit Bolt Tongs(Great for Beginners Blacksmiths & Bladesmiths), 2) Wolf Jaw Tongs (Great for Beginner Blacksmiths & Bladesmiths), 3) Z Offset (Z-Jaw) Tongs (Great for Beginner Bladesmiths), 4) Flat Jaw (Nosed) Tongs(Great for Forging into Other Tongs), Picard Wolf's Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L, Model:04900-400. I got your tongs just in time to use in a 5 day long outdoor production where I run a 1st century blacksmith shop for an annual event called 'Bethlehem Walk' for a local Church in Goochland Virginia. Unlike other tongs here, these are quite difficult, especially as a beginner, to forge correctly from a base pair of tongs. Their already flat jaw shape makes them very easy to heat up and bend it into a different shape or to increase their structural strength. Gedore 400mm Blacksmith's 53 when bought new. Blacksmith Tong Considerations – What’s Important? Box jaw tongs are great for working with flat metal sheets or blades of metal. They can hold a lot of different stock sizes and they've go a great price. Tongs in which the pivot or joint is placed close to the gripping ends are used to handle hard and heavy objects. In that case, use tongs to hold onto the end while heating the other end. If you're new, have you done any beginner tong making? a pair, Lsr. Unlike many other craftsmen, blacksmiths are able to make most of their own tools. Some of the applications for which spreading tongs are used are spiral metal baskets or scrolls. The hammer is a balanced Swedish pattern hammer with a cross peen. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( This leads to a lot of specialized hammers. Their wavy bits make them great for picking up and holding round pieces or rivets. Even though box jaw tongs are great for their intended application, they are known to be very dependent on the width of the individual stock. They allow us as blacksmiths to manipulate and move the metal workpiece with heightened ease, accuracy and efficiency – as well as keep our fingers in one piece while hammering away! When first starting out,  it’s often better to simply select an ideal length range (as mentioned) for your tong of choice, and then pick-up a high quality pair from a reputable brand who know what they’re doing. V-bit tongs, or bolt tongs, have a unique bit shape that has the appearance of a circle near the joint when the tongs are in the closed position and it ends with the bits pointing straight out above the circle. A blacksmith can’t have too many pairs of tongs. If the jaws are not able to clamp down directly on the workpiece, the workpiece can be easily dropped because it is too loosely held or it can cause a strain on your hand because you have to tightly grip it so that it does not fall. 3 vintage collectable blacksmith farrier tongs. These hammers are also called blacksmith hammers or forging hammers. Sign up to receive our latest articles, updates and posts. COMMENT: What do you think is the best tongs for beginners? Their jaws literally have the shape of a duck bill and are mainly used to work with flat workpieces. It has a wavy tooth-like shape that allows it to adapt to different stock shapes and sizes and provide a secure grip. See more ideas about blacksmithing, blacksmith tongs, blacksmith tools. This type of tongs is perfect for bending metal into intricate shapes. Finding The Best Blacksmith Tongs For Sale. V-bit tongs are great for a variety of applications. Box tongs are relatively easy to forge with the right materials and skill level. They are easy to use and can be relatively light in weight while being tough enough to withstand forging conditions. Since almost all blacksmithing tongs are made in forges to begin with, changing the shape and function is a perfectly viable thing to do if you already have the appropriate forging equipment and expertise. A lot of blacksmiths, even more patient beginners, can still forge their own tongs based on their particular needs and price point. Blacksmith tongs will be your bread and butter. The joint is typically made up of a hinge plate and a rivet to secure the two reins together. BUILT TO LAST - Heavy duty forged steel construction ensures these tongs will work as hard as you... VERSATILE - One of our most versatile and popular styles, great for holding a wide variety of stock... MORE HOLDING POWER - 18" Total Length gives added leverage to hold stock securely, Great started tongs for beginning blacksmiths, Provides a firm grip on stock of different shapes and sizes. Download Image Picture detail for Types Of Forging Tongs : Title: Types Of Forging Tongs Date: July 15, 2018 Size: 282kB Resolution: 571px x 487px More Galleries of Bansal's Wiki: Forging … It is designed to stand up to the hammering. Special blacksmith tongs and blacksmith pliers designed for holding certain sizes and shapes will always be the safest option, such as scrolling tongs and pliers. A professional blacksmith may use many different types of tools in his career. forms: { $17.99 Picard P4700-300 Flat-Nose Blacksmith Tongs Reg. In this article, I’ll discuss the essential tools that are used by blacksmiths all over the globe. Blacksmiths Tongs with toothed tong jaws for a better hold. We have all of your forged blacksmith tong needs at Blacksmiths Depot, including blacksmithing, blade-smithing, and knife-making tongs. I describe the tongs that i use and how i use them. There are as many different types of tongs as there are blacksmiths that make them, the most common types being plain flat jaw tongs, v-bit or hollow bit tongs, bolt tongs, pick-up tongs, and box jaw tongs. Types. Neither blacksmith does anything without tongs also without an anvil, a forge with a burner (all of them are in my profile on instructables) and other tools which made by blacksmith hands. Beginner blacksmiths need at least two types of blacksmith tongs: wolf jaw and v-bit tongs. Download Image. Visit my channel: by my website: http://www.blacksmithpdfs.comGet some merch: my Amazon Influencer page for shop tools: Depending on your experience, skill and the exact type of project you’re working on, certain lengths could either be a hindrance or a benefit – a good middle-ground, especially as a beginner blacksmith wanting to work with simple projects, would be a length of around 18-22 inches for multi-purpose tongs, such as V-bit bolt tongs, wolf jaw tongs or Z-jaw tongs (read more about these below). This feature makes v-bit tongs great bladesmithing tongs. Tong jaws are very versatile and can be made in different shapes for different applications. The spring steel allows you to make a lighter pair of tongs. Bent knee tongs feature bits that are bent at nearly a 90 degree angle. } Quick View. If you are having trouble figuring out what you need, let us suggest some tongs that will best fit your stock. Since flat jaw tongs have a very simple shape, they are easily accessible and often used as a starting material for other tools. The type of tongs you purchase should also be based on your skill level. More Tongs by Hugh McDonald Non-traditional ways to make tongs. They are a good supplement to hammers when shaping a metal. Shame to see it go, one of the best bargains you will find! This unique shape produces a firm grasp on the metal workpiece without compromising its shape during the forging process. This tutorial shows one approach to making a simple set of tongs. When working with stock of inconsistent widths, it may be easier to make box tongs of different jaw widths to accommodate the particular project. Kit includes: Vaughan BS2XH 32 oz Blacksmith Cross Pein Hammer with wood handle, Reg. This is a quick tour of my tong rack. $50.00: 1 day: Basic Tongs: Class will cover basic styles of tongs and methods to make them. There are two main types of vises, the post vise and the machinist’s vise. They are are easy to use and can hold both round and square metal pieces during forging. Leading blacksmith tongs suppliers and wholesalers offer inevitable vet treatment products at fair prices and cost-saving deals. My tools are crafted from years of experience. Not particularly useful for general purpose forging, but an essential piece of kit for those wanting to specialize more in knife-making or bladesmithng. Although flat jaw tongs are very useful on their own, they can be shaped into other types of tongs, such as box jaw, wolf jaw, or v-bit tongs. A postvise is the blacksmith’s vise. It has a wavy tooth-like shape that allows it to adapt to different stock shapes and sizes and provide a secure grip. As a general rule tongs … A wolf jaw blacksmithing tong is a tong that has multiple sets of differently sized “teeth” surrounding a jaw designed to grip round stock. Tongs are one of the most useful tools that a blacksmith uses and makes. Gedore 400mm Blacksmith's Tongs, 230-400 . blacksmiths tongs large tools x7. } See more ideas about blacksmith tongs, tongs, blacksmithing. Quick View. They allow you to firmly grip the hammer head during forging, minimizing the chances of having the workpiece slip through the tool or dropping it. They can range on average from 15 inches to 40 inches, depending on the application, or how you make them in your own forge. I offer a variety of hand-forged blacksmith tongs, handled punches, hand-forged Japanese style hammers, versatile guillotine tool with dies and simple bending jig. View Products Quick View. Long tongs allow you to stay farther away from the hot forge, whereas shorter tongs require you to move closer to the forge and the workpiece. As an added bonus, and let’s be honest, just the name is pretty cool, as well! ✔️OFFSET, Z-BIT STYLE - Your flat, square, round or other stock is never impeded by the rivet... ✔️VERSATILE V-BIT JAWS - These blacksmith tongs are an indispensable addition to your tool... Can be easily shaped into different types of tongs, Mostly used for flat stock, not much versatility, 14" long reins with secure rivet joint with ball end reins, Finished black bronze coat to protect from corrosion. Best Types of Blacksmith Tongs, Metalwork Tongs & Forging Tongs 2021 (Ultimate List). Blacksmithing tongs are an important aspect of the hand forging process, second only to the hammer and anvil. Featuring a wide variety of blacksmith tongs, is a true game-changer when it comes to finding high-quality However, typically, most beginners will find it easier to start with a lighter set of tongs in order to get used to the movements and physical exertion used during the blacksmithing process. Browse all of our blacksmith tongs for sale, from square bar, flat bar, angle, to tubing. Their curved ends can best be used to pick up rivets. } To forge a taper, the end of the material is heated to forging temperature and then brought over to the edge of the anvil. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { BSStarterKit1 Buy the Black Smith Starter Kit and save $8.98! If forging your own tools is not something you want to worry about it, even though it is considered the most economical way to acquire tongs, a lot of the tools listed below are readily available for purchase in online stores in both new and used conditions. Detailed metalworking usually calls for spreading tongs. I'd recommend them to anyone. This loop secures the workpiece and allows blacksmiths to move it in their desired direction or simply hold it in place while it is being hammered. This hole is known as the eye of the hammer head and the ability to hold the hammer head from that location makes it very easy to rotate and manipulate the hammer head when shaping it. Although this type of togs is great for shaping metal, using it is not very intuitive, because its ends actually open wide when you squeeze the reins, which is the opposite mechanism of most other tongs. ); The principal tools are hand hammers and sledgehammers, a great number and variety of chisels, punches and drifts and a selection of tongs with bits or jaws of various shapes. If you are looking for the best tongs for blacksmiths, I show you a few of my favorite. Asparagus tongs for serving were introduced in 18th-century England, with smaller versions for eating asparagus appearing in the 19th century. Having tongs that are the appropriate shape for you application not only allows you to firmly hold the metal stock, but it reduces the stress on your hands and wrists while using this tool. This BetterForge starter kit offers exactly what a beginner blacksmith needs. } What different types of blacksmith tongs do you have in your shop?My \"forging tongs\" videos by Christ Centered Ironworks:Forging Wolf Jaw Tongs from Scratch: Scrolling Tongs: Forging Blade Tongs: The Different Types of Tongs I Use: Method for Forging Blacksmith Tongs: Tongs with Small Power Hammer: Jaw Tongs: Tongs for the Beginner: to SUPPORT what we do here at Christ Centered Ironworks Blacksmith Channel? As someone just getting into blacksmithing, they are a great pair of do-it-all tongs. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. They have flat surface features at the end of the bits with the bottom side being completely flat, also known as being straight lipped, and the top having raised sides to secure the workpiece within jaws’ grip by fitting over the sides of the bottom jaw. Duck bill or slot jaw tongs generally have flat jaws and are used for handling flat stock. Since they have a similar design as pickup tongs, rivet tongs can also be used to hold chiseling tools in place depending on their size. The bent angle makes the pick up action much easier from a standing position if the piece that is meant to be picked up is on the forge floor or on a low table. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. They can have solid metal bits that clam on the workpiece or loops on each bit through which the edges or corners of the flat metal pieces can be placed. They are so much better and more comfortable to use than any of the ones I've been using. listeners: [], This combined set of features gives the wolf jaw tong incredible adaptability. Machinist vises, particularly the smaller ones, can be damaged from the repeated hammer blows. Purpose: Knife-making (supplementary tongs). They are easy to use and can be relatively light in weight while being tough enough to withstand forging conditions. I’ll quickly go over some of the more common types, starting with the most general hammer. Basic forging techniques and tools. They feature and offset structure that accommodates the shape of a knife while holding its blade properly in place while shaping it. Some of the most vital components that come along with this set of the tool include 1 Quick Bolt Tongs, 1 Quick Scroll Tongs, 1 Quick Slot Jaw Tongs, and 1 Quick Flat Jaw Tongs. offers 145 types of blacksmith tongs products. Bent knee tongs can also pick up metal objects or forgings with hollow shapes. One of the most common uses of v-bit tongs are knifemaking. Metal pieces with holes can also be handled with bolt tongs because the ends of the tongs can be easily passed through the hole and can firmly clasp onto the metal. It is important to be aware of the different aspects of tongs prior to purchasing them. We will discuss shapes of tongs, materials to use for tongs, and methods of forging tongs. The handles of tongs are called the reins, which are used by blacksmiths to open and close a pair of tongs. The opening and closing action is facilitated by the joint of the tongs, which is located where the reins meet. Blacksmithing For Beginners - Basic Tong Shapes and Their Uses. blank p/up (medium 10mm p/up 8mm rivet)$42.00 pr lsr. Jun 8, 2020 - Explore Red D's board "Tongs", followed by 244 people on Pinterest. These are simply a long handled pair of pliers with specific jaw shapes to hold different shapes of steel when they get hot in the forge. You will need a strong set of tongs to complete different types of jobs on a daily basis. For that reason, and because they serve a highly specialized (and important) purpose, we actually recommend simply investing in a quality pair if you’re just starting out! View Products Quick View.